Healthy working: today and tomorrow

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Stay healthy

Whether it’s pain or stress, there are many warning signs that you may be pushing yourself too much. This applies in particular in the case of strenuous activities in production, logistics or sales.

Those who are exposed to a lot of noise, high time pressure on a regular basis and unhealthy sitting positions are putting their bodies under strain. Modern technology can now help in many ways. However, if you want to stay fit in the long run and strengthen your own resistance, you need to take care of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Keep a clear head

If you want to achieve things, you need to be focussed at work. With the right mix of concentration, good planning and short breaks, you can be more productive and relaxed during your day.

A good plan
Maintain an overview and keep a to-do list. Break down large projects into small, manageable steps. What needs to be done first? Where is teamwork needed? When working in a team, people often work in a more agile manner and can exploit the full potential of ideas.

Complete concentration
Avoid multitasking. Every task deserves your full attention. Having a clear focus prevents stress. Once you complete a step, tick this off in your head and take a deep breath. With renewed energy, you can then take on the next task.

Live consciously

When faced with time pressure, breaks are often the first thing to fall by the wayside. This is neither good for you nor for your work. The body and brain can only provide maximum performance if you allow yourself time for recovery. Do something good for yourself.

Healthy diet
Physically strenuous work requires a good diet. Make sure to drink plenty and get enough vitamins and protein. The Mediterranean diet is particularly healthy – with lots of vegetables, fish, olive oil and fresh herbs. Wholegrain products provide long-lasting energy.

Active balancing
Establish a physical balance to your work in the company. Endurance activities such as jogging, swimming or cycling are good training for the heart, circulation and muscles. You can easily disrupt negative thoughts by focusing entirely on activity and on your breathing. Sport reduces stress hormones.
You can also avail of the wide range of advice and services provided by your company health insurance fund.

No chance of back pain

Strengthen muscles
Muscles need training. Strengthen your back, arms and legs through specific exercises. Small, but regular training units work wonders.

Keep moving
Stand up more, take the stairs rather than the lift and go for a walk during break times. Small relaxation exercises counteract tension.

Change positions
Change your posture while sitting or standing. Loosen your body every now and then. Regular changes in position relieve the strain on the back.

Make use of available resources
Modern work is a partnership between man and machine. Make use of available resources when moving heavy objects.

Lift properly
Lift loads with a straight back and from a squatting position. Keep the load as close to your body as possible. Do not twist your back while lifting.