Power napping

Have you ever experienced a slump in the middle of the day? Then you need an effective break.  

Working at a screen continuously can be particularly tiring. Power napping is a good way to recharge your energy. You can gather your strength and then refocus on your work.

Brief explanation of power napping

A power nap is a type of turbo sleeping. Set aside about 10 to 20 minutes for your power nap. Under no circumstances should you sleep for more than half an hour. The body would then fall into a deep sleep and the ability to wake up would be diminished. Set an alarm on your phone to be on the safe side.

How power napping works

  • Look for a quiet, undisturbed location.
  • Adjust your chair so that you are able to place your arms on the desk relaxed, then put your head on top of them. Close your eyes.
  • The same applies when travelling by car – either on business or for leisure. Pull up at a lay-by and take a power nap.
  • Stand up as soon as you wake up. Stretch out your body. Feel your new-found energy.

A healthy boost for your body

  • A power nap improves your receptiveness and responsiveness. The muscles relax.
  • The risk of an accident decreases. Overtired people are more frequently involved in workplace or traffic accidents.
  • A power nap counteracts stress and fatigue and strengthens the heart and the circulation.

Sleep well

A power nap does not replace a night’s sleep. The body only recovers and regenerates properly at night during the various phases of sleep. Adults need six to seven hours sleep to be ready for the next day. Take note of the following:

  • Switch off digital devices
  • Air the bedroom well
  • Avoid light and noise